Academic Planning

ECU is working hard to ensure your upcoming academic year is both well-supported and rewarding. Please review our update on the Fall return to campus, sent on June 8.

Meanwhile, scroll down to find some key points about Fall 2021, and an FAQ with answers to any questions you may have.

  • We are following the guidance of the COVID-19 Return to Campus primer, and will be basing our decisions for Fall 2021 and beyond on the recommendations of our health authorities. The health and safety of our community will remain our highest priority.
  • In-person courses for Fall 2021 will be "hybrid." These will include more substantial face-to-face instruction than the previous term, and more access to campus. On-campus activities may gradually increase over the term, as it becomes safe to do so. We recommend that all students who want to be on campus, and plan to be in Vancouver for the Fall, register for hybrid courses.
  • There will be online-only course options available. These are an option for students who cannot return to Vancouver or prefer distance learning. There are enough fully online courses for any student to find a pathway through their curriculum.
  • We expect that Spring 2022 will include more in-person activities than Fall 2021. The Fall term will function as a bridge as we resume "normal" activities.
  • Shops and studios will continue to be accessible to students. Some health measures, such as masks and physical distancing, may continue into the Fall term.
  • The format of final assignments and projects will be specific to each course. The location of students, as well as the amount of access they have to campus, will be taken into consideration to ensure an equitable and supportive learning environment.
  • Some health and safety measures, including hand sanitizer stations, physical distancing protocols, stay-at-home orders for community members who may feel unwell, and low-occupancy rules for campus spaces, may continue into the Fall term.
  • Online learning support is available. Staff from the Writing Centre, Counselling + Wellness, and the Library have compiled a guide to online learning. It includes tools, strategies, recommendations and links related to online learning.

Online and Hybrid Courses

What is a hybrid course?
Can I register for a hybrid course but only participate in the online part?

Can I come to campus?
I need help with a project. Can I bring a friend or contractor to campus to help me?

Events + Exhibitions

I am installing a show on campus. Can people come and see it?