COVID-19 Information for Staff + Faculty

I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Do I need to tell my supervisor?
Do I need to provide a doctor’s note if I have COVID-19 or another illness?
A member of the ECU community has disclosed to me that they have COVID-19. Do I need to report it to the public health authorities?
As an instructor, how do I support students who have COVID-19?
As a supervisor, how can I support employees with COVID-19 or who are in self-isolation?
I have a concern about health and safety on campus. Who can I speak to?
I think I have been exposed to COVID-19 while working on campus. What should I do?
Where can I find resources for working from home?
Can we continue to work remotely in Fall 2021?
When will everyone be expected to be back on campus?
Is personal protective equipment (PPE) available for staff and faculty?
Where can I go for counselling or support?