Register Now for Continuing Studies Spring 2022 Courses

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Photo by John Lee

By Jenn Xu

Posted on October 23, 2021 | Updated October 27, 2021, 3:39PM

Start off your new year with a new skill. Spring registration for Continuing Studies courses opens today!

This spring, Emily Carr University’s Continuing Studies courses will continue to take place both online and in-person, offering flexible and accessible art and design courses that engage students of all ages and skill levels in advancing their personal and professional growth.

Our Spring Term runs from January to April, and courses are six weeks in length. Our courses explore all facets of art, media, and design, while providing access to our state-of-the-art shops and studios. Whether you are interested in exploring a new creative practice or are rethinking your career path, consider investing in yourself by enrolling in a CS course.

Exercising your creative muscles can help you find new ways to express yourself, solve problems, and interact with the world. From learning how to sketch to designing your own website, there is something to explore for everyone.

Here are a few course highlights:

  • ??Introduction to Web Design is designed for anyone who wants to upgrade their WordPress or Squarespace abilities with HTML and CSS skills. This course covers technical and aesthetic considerations so you can start building beautiful, functional websites. Course starts February 5.

  • Professional Practices for Designers will teach you strategies and techniques to market your creative design services. This course is geared towards anyone involved in design practices or for students just discovering design. Course starts February 9.

  • Introduction to Digital Photography explores composition, lighting, framing, and editing, teaching you how to frame your best shot. Courses starts February 9 and 12.

  • Writing for Picture Books is suitable for anyone who has ever dreamed of creating books for babies, children, and young adults. Here’s where you’ll develop your unique voice and style. Course starts February 17.

  • Introduction to Acrylic Painting helps you delve deeper into the unique qualities of acrylic painting using diverse application tools and painting mediums. Course starts February 6 and 15.

    Registration for Spring Continuing Studies courses is now open! Learn more and register for a course here.