2021 Graduation Awards

About Graduation Awards

Graduation awards celebrate excellence in the works of graduating students. These awards are available to students based on works presented in The Show 2021, as well as GPA or a combination of other criteria. Most graduation awards are based on criteria developed in consultation with donors, with some requiring supporting materials. Where possible, students who identify as Indigenous, Black or People of Colour will be given strong consideration to receive awards, as selected by diverse juries.

2021 Graduation Awards Recipients

We are pleased to announce this year’s graduation award recipients. Click below for the full list of award recipients.

Design Graduation Awards
Media Graduation Awards
Visual Arts Graduation Awards

Congratulations also to the 2021 Governor General medal winners Melina Bishop (Gold) and Megan Randall (Silver).

2021 Graduation Exhibition Juries

Thank you to the 2021 jurors: artists, animators, designers, filmmakers, and other industry professionals who have conscientiously viewed the works of the Class of 2021, to select this year's award recipients and honourable mentions.

Design Graduation Awards Jury
Media Awards Jury
Visual Arts Graduation Awards Jury

Thank you to our donors who create opportunities for students by creating and funding graduation awards!